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Littlestown Railroad
July 1st 1858
In 1855, a route for rail service between Hanover and Littlestown was surveyed.

Work began July 4, 1857. On July 1 of the following year, the completed seven-mile railroad was greeted with band music,
a picnic dinner an speeches.

The railroad brought new life to Littlestown. More lots were
laid out and sold; two warehouses and a hotel were erected.
The center of this hub was located at 114 South Queen St.

New stores and taverns were also erected and Littlestown became some what of a social center where locals would come
to dine, drink, shop. and attend dances.

The  Littlestown Railroad also played a part in the Civil War...
after the battle, hundreds of wounded soldiers were brought
in ambulances from Gettysburg and placed on railroad cars at Littlestown. General Daniel E. Sickles who had lost a leg at
Little Round Top during The Battle Of Gettysburg was among the wounded treated in Littlestown.

The line was extended to Frederick, Md., in 1871 and acquired by the Pennsylvania railroad in 1875

The Rails Were Used Until About The Mid 1970's there has
been talks off and on about re-running a rail line  through Littlestown through the years

This Artical Was Contributed By David Trask A Local Citizen

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Daniel E. Sickles
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