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LITTLESTOWN -"Where Industry and Agriculture Meet"
Was laid out by Peter Klein in 1765, making it the oldest town in what is now Adams County,Pennsylvania.

Peter Klein or Little (1724-1773). After holding a number of Germany Township offices in the 1750s and being elected  to a three-year term as a county assessor in 1758, he purchased a 311-acre tract of land in Germany Township for which the Penns awarded him a patent deed in 1760.

Located along the Monocacy Road, Peter was in a good position to establish a town..

Peter Klein had been granted a patent in 1760 for 311 acres which he systematically arranged into the original 48 lots. Each lot sold for three pounds with provision that the buyer pay an annual ground rent of seven shillings, sixpence ($1.00). For at least 50 years,

The first several deeds he issued were dated July 15, 1765. These deeds proclaimed that he "hath laid  out a Town on the above recited Tract of Land which he called Petersburg and is desirous that the same shall for ever hereafter be called by the same Name of Petersburg

Peter Little soon sold out his rights and moved to Frederick County, Md., but when he died  his body was brought back to Pennsylvania to be buried in the Christ Church graveyard, near his home.

Littlestown was known as "Kleina Stedtle" (in English "Little's Town"). The name was changed later to Petersburg; however , confusion due to another neighboring town with the same name, led the name to be changed to Littlestown in 1795. It was incorporated as a Borough by the Court of Adams County February 23, 1864. Littlestown's nickname arose from fact that the community was a hub of industrial activity in an area
The earliest United States census Was taken in 1864 With 305 inhabitants.

230 years later surrounded by rich, rolling farmland. The community today remains an industrial hub with several working farms on the outskirts of town. A variety of houses, from the Revolutionary era to the 20th Century, are located in the area.
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