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The Robert Cruikshank Letters - 123rd New York .
                      Tuesday, June 30, 1863

                      We started on our march this morning a little after three o'clock, marching very rapidly
                       through Taneytown.

                      We were pushed  forward all afternoon not halting to get anything to eat.
                      When within two miles of Littlestown, Pa., we received an order to halt, draw the charges that the
                       men had in their guns to see that their guns were in good order and to reload and prime
                      Ammunition was also inspected.

While we were doing this the artillery went dashing past us, the horses on the run. We now expected
work ahead. As soon as the artillery had passed we were ordered to move forward on a double quick,
which we kept up for three miles, passing through
Littlestown in this way.
The people were out at their doors passing to the men as they ran by such provision as they had in
their houses,with water. Ladies waved their handkerchiefs and cheered us on. Some were in tears and
some in smiles. At the hotel a number had gathered and were singing patriotic songs. If I ever felt I
wanted to fight the enemy it was here where those ladies were calling us to drive the Rebels back into
Virginia where they belonged.

Then, too, I remembered the patriotism of that state,- the thousands it had fed while going to the front
and the care it had given to the sick and wounded returning to their homes.

This all passed through my mind and I felt I wanted to meet them in this free, hospitable, patriotic

We did not slacken our pace until we were a mile beyond the town, when we were marched into a
large field, formed in a line of battle and rested.

Our cavalry had run into the Rebel cavalry and had a skirmish at this place but had driven them back.
The cavalry lost three men killed. A strong  picket line was put out and then we pitched our tents for
the night and had our supper.
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