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Littlestown And The Civil War
On The Morning Of June 26th A Band Of Confederates  Entered Littlestown
The Advance Of Early's Division, Ewll's Corps, The Army Of Northern Virgina,
Which Were Crossing The Maryland Line Into Pennsyvania.

On The Morning Of June 29th General Kilpatricks Division Of The Union Calvary
Bivouacked For The Night Around Littlestown.
Kilpatrick And General George Custer  Both Lodged At The Barker House.

The Next Morning In Union Mills Maryland, General Jeb Stuart Received Word
From His Scouts That A Large Force Of  Union Calvary Had Been Spotted In
The Vicinity Of Littlestown , A Local Teenager A 16-Year-Old Herbert Shriver
Volunteered To Guide The Confederates On A Detour Around Littlestown By Way
Of Hanover.  Stuart Did Not Know That Kilpatricks Forces Were Already On The
Move To Hanover, General Kilpatrick Was Also Unaware Of Stuarts Detour To
Hanover And Both Were Quite Suprised When They Clashed In What Was Known As
The Battle Of Hanover....

After Learning That Stuarts Troops Were Defeated At Hanover General Slocum's Corps
Of 13,000  Infantry  Entered Littlestown That Evening And Was Dispatched To
Gettysburg The Next Day. General Sedgewick's Sixth Army Corp Of 15,000 Also
Passed Through Littlestown On Thier Way To The Battle Of Gettysburg.

After The Battle, Hundreds Of Wounded Soldiers Were Brought In Ambulances From
Gettysburg And Placed On Railroad Cars At Littlestown. General Daniel E. Sickles
Who Had Lost A Leg At Little Round Top During The Battle Of Gettysburg Was
Among The Wounded Treated In Littlestown.
General Kilpatrick
General Sickles
General Stuart
General Sedgewick
General Custer And General Kilpatrick
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